Best Charities to donate to are Small Nonprofit Organizations

Best Charities to donate to are Small Nonprofit Organizations

While this site is new, one of the goals is to highlight several small to medium size organizations. Finding funding for a small group is difficult, so we are explicitly choosing to support small nonprofits. Small nonprofits are the best charities to donate to for several reasons.

Why should you support small to medium-sized nonprofits? They are the best charities to donate to because:

  • There is less opportunity for small organizations
  • Established but small NPOs often have demonstrated the need
  • Smaller orgs are targeting a more specific cause
  • There is a personal touch – you can get to know the people involved, see the impact your donation is having

It is hard for smaller organizations with small operating costs to find funding.

A small or medium nonprofit may not have a dedicated person fundraising or even anyone on staff at all. When everyone is a volunteer, most effort is going towards programming. Taking time to search for funding opportunities is a luxury.

Grants offer some amazing opportunities for nonprofits. However, applying for grants is a challenging prospect. Applications are very time-consuming, offer no guarantees, and often come with stipulations that disqualify small organizations.

Let me expand on this last point a little –

The average grant for a small organization is about 6k. Most companies will dismiss your application if the award represents too much or your yearly revenue. This decision is because grant providers want a nonprofit to show sustainability without funding.

Here’s an example:

A nonprofit that raises 100k a year to operate applies for a 30k grant. The application is likely to be denied simply because the donation is 30% of the need, too high.

Granting agencies don’t want to be responsible for an organizations failure if they pull funding.

Seems like a catch 22 right? Well, it is, but it does make some sense.

Basically, if there is a lot of assets and well an established program, it’s easier to get funding. This is one HUGE reason why I advocate supporting smaller missions.

Often new or small nonprofit organizations rely on small community fundraisers. Small charities are the best charities to donate to

Often new or small nonprofit organizations rely on small community fundraisers.

Donating to a small charity can give operating cash so fundraisers do better. It costs money to run a successful fundraiser.

Let’s say a group wants to run a silent auction. Silent auctions are donations from businesses, places that may benefit from the exposure. Sounds great on paper, a free item from a local shop sold to the highest bidder for 100% profit.

There are costs. Often the costs can be so high that you may find yourself asking if the auction was even worth the effort. Costs include space rental, music, food, bar service, staff-hours if you need extra staff.

The costs of fundraisers are usually justified.

A better space, good music and food will bring in crowds, keep them there and lead to a more successful event. Donating to small charities gives them money in the bank that can be used to enhance fundraising efforts.

If you would like some cool fundraising ideasclick here

Beyond funding, here are some other reasons to support small nonprofit organizations.

Small organizations are targeting a more specific cause. As a donor, it is nice to find something that supports what you believe in without the fluff. I use to find a charity to donate to, you can search by keyword and use filters to narrow the results.

Recently, I went on a morning bike ride and was inspired. I found an organization called Peace of Adventure through GuideStar. POA is a little nonprofit that gets people outside mountain biking. Because they are not huge, they are precise in their mission. This focus is something you don’t always get with larger organizations.

Small nonprofits have a personal touch – and are some of the best charities to donate to today.

My last point as to why you should support small or medium nonprofits is the personal touch. If you’ve ever donated to a local charity, you may understand the value in knowing the people you’re helping. Sending $100 to a behemoth like the Red Cross is excellent, but it feels more like a transaction than a donation. Sending money to a local animal shelter easily equates itself to bowls of food and vet costs. It is nice to see the impact your money is having.

Here is a link to all the nonprofits I have decided to write about – Only a couple so far but, the list will keep growing.

We are changing the world one article at a time

I wanted to get a little experience writing articles, maybe even get to the point where I could write full time. I have worked with nonprofits for some time now and thought my practice would be best spent helping out. Please let me know if you have an organization in mind or a topic you’d like me to research. I would be happy to do a quick article.

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