Children with Diabetes Research Foundation – Type 1 Diabetes Cure

Children with Diabetes Research Foundation – Type 1 Diabetes Cure

Type 1 Diabetes, often associated with children, is a cruel mistress; it consumes your life, making simple living an art form. Worse, society mixes it up with Type 2 Diabetes, which admittedly has its difficulties but is not the same thing. Even people in the medical profession bundle all diabetics into the same group. There are many, many more Type 2 folks out there, so funding and research tends to lean in that direction.

This article supports The Children with Diabetes Research Foundation, which focuses on funding great ideas in type one diabetes research.

Consider a day living with Type one for a second. You wake up, check your blood sugar, inject insulin. Eat breakfast, count the carbs, take the right amount of insulin. An hour later, you need to eat because choosing the right amount of insulin is very difficult. Repeat this process, after every meal, or snack, right through dinner. Imagine considering how every activity, from light exercise to a night out, to a plane ride will impact your sugar. Think about how getting ready for a trip can be stressful, add the need to bring insulin, testing kits, candy. Diabetes sucks.

Imagine it’s your kid that has this terrible disease – that a fundamental math error or a misjudgment on carbs will adversely affect your child’s health. Indeed the only thing that would make having diabetes worse is having a child with diabetes. Talk about constant stress.

There is a joke in the Diabetes world – the cure is five years away. This due to the slew of articles and promises that put a generic five-year stamp on human trials. Typically, you never hear anything beyond the initial announcement, and it is safe to say that diabetics are a bit numb to the next great thing in diabetes research.

There does exist promising research, stuff like islet transplants, closed-loop or artificial pancreas systems, and prevention methods.

Part of the issue is funding, and this is where the Children with Diabetes Research Foundation kicks in a little help. CDRF is a group of private investors hell-bent on finding and supporting ideas that may lead to a cure for Type 1 diabetes.

These guys and girls deserve a little attention – even from a freelance article writer with a minimal amount of experience. If you are one person with a hope and a dream of supporting the cure, it would be challenging to find a realistic, viable opportunity. There are a lot of excellent writers out there that work to promoting all sorts of new ideas, many of them are not practical. How would a layman know where to invest, when everything looks incredible? CDRF finds the opportunities that have a hope of becoming real and helps fund the research.

As of right now, CDRF is made up of unpaid volunteers, which means the impact the organization can have is a bit limited. It takes time and money to vet out good ideas specific to a diabetes cure. Additional funding would mean the ability to invest even more and may allow a permanent staff or two, expediting much of the mission.

CDRF supports a critical initiative, and with a focus on Type 1 research, they serve an important, often ignored niche in diabetes funding.

If you would like to support this organization, and the cure for type 1 diabetes, please visit this link.

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