Charity Spotlight; Clean Up the River Environment (CURE)

Charity Spotlight; Clean Up the River Environment (CURE)

Clean Up the River Environment is working with like-minded people and communities to clean up our world. CURE is a great nonprofit that supports nature, clean rivers and waterways, they deserve our support.

Nature can be incredibly therapeutic, it has a beautiful way of hitting the reset button on our emotions. In fact, studies have shown*a clear correlation between our mental health and our distance from the natural environment. If you’re lucky enough to live and breath in a natural setting, you probably understand the power of taking a walk in the woods or canoeing down a winding river. Even urban dwellers that may not feel the daily need to hike or fish, still appreciate a sunny day in the park.

Have you ever been fishing, and seen evidence of people? Nothing like casting out in the silence of the early morning, settling in on some excellent personal reflection time, only to kick over an old beer can. That beer can and the person who left it stole your moment of tranquility. You should be mad.

Whether you realize it or not, you need nature, and it is something that we take for granted. Urban landscapes are starting to wake up to the need for green, recognizing the positive impact even small amounts of a natural environment can bring.* Rural landscapes are becoming an escape, a place to reflect, reconnect. We have an obligation to nurture our nature, clean it up, make it better, and reintroduce it where needed. We might not be around forever, but others will, and imagine how depressing the world would be without the benefits of the outside.

Clean up the River Environment – Inspiring nature lovers

CURE – Which stands for, Clean up the River Environment, is an organization devoted to restoring our rural landscapes. CURE finds people that understand the value of the outdoors and puts them to work. It stands to reason that more people will appreciate a cleaner, more presentable outside, so the process builds on itself. People should read about and support programs like CURE. We know the value of the outside, so fixing it should be a priority and not just for future generations but for us too. Here is a link to CURE’s website and Facebook page – thanks for reading.

CURE has four major programs

  • Water Program
  • Energy Program
  • Connecting people with nature
  • Rural Democracy Project

Clean Up the River Environment – Water Program

CUREs water program works with local authorities and groups to create actionable programs, helping restore water quality. If needed, these guys even go so far as to create legislation to help protect water. The focus of this program is specific to the sustainability of the Minnesota River.

CUREs energy program

Leading in the Rural Electric Cooperative, CURE pushes electric companies to adopt clean energy programs. Common with many of CUREs initiatives, the REC encourages clean solutions and for local communities to have an active role in fulfilling their energy needs.

Connecting people with nature

This is a great program that exists just like it sounds, connecting people with nature. The idea is by inviting people to experience the natural world, they will appreciate and be more active in sustainability projects.

For a nonprofit that supports nature, this is a great way to support the mission.

There is a full calendar of events on the nonprofit organization’s website, liked below. Some of the activities are:

  • Paddling, (canoeing & kayaking)
  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Birding
  • Biking
  • Snowshoeing
  • Cross country skiing
  • Educational lectures

Clean up the River Environment mission is solid and they show some great focus in their programming. Consider helping.

A little about what we are doing with this blog

This is a new blog I am creating, where I do my little part supporting smaller non-profits around the world – though mainly in the US. I have been a part of the non-profit world since 2013 and have first-hand knowledge of the challenges that face many npos. If you have an organization in mind, please let me know!


Danielle F. Shanahan, Richard A. Fuller, Robert Bush, Brenda B. Lin, Kevin J. Gaston, The Health Benefits of Urban Nature: How Much Do We Need?, BioScience, Volume 65, Issue 5, May 2015, Pages 476–485,

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