One Non-Profit called Peace of Adventure and a Morning Bike Ride

One Non-Profit called Peace of Adventure and a Morning Bike Ride

Peace of Adventure is a small nonprofit that offers an opportunity for everyone to get outside regardless of ability. It’s a great program that relates well to my morning bike ride.

A Morning Bike Ride

This morning I went mountain biking with a friend after a long hiatus from the bike world. He had just purchased a new ride, inspiring confidence in an area of outside sports to which I have no business. I know how to ride a bike, but I have never been an avid biker; I don’t have a closet full of spandex or a two thousand dollar frame, just the will to be great and pride inherent of most men.

To say that it has been a while would be a bit of an understatement. I have ridden as an adult but only a handful of times and even that was years ago. Nevertheless, when my friend excitedly showed off his sparkly new wheels, I boldly suggested a morning ride. I knew a trail, shouldn’t be too bad, after all, I did it in my twenties all the time…

Morning came fast. I reluctantly rolled out of bed scraping together what muster I could manage and headed out to meet my friend. We took to the trails, it was awesome. I only went over the handlebars twice, and I did so with all the grace and style of any 36-year-old man who hasn’t ridden a bike in ten years.

The whole experience was excellent, and we vowed to make plans to go out again. Now, showered and energized for the day I find my entire family still asleep. If there is a more accomplished feeling than exercising outside before the family’s up, I haven’t found it.

my bike after riding - finding inspiration with Peace of Adventure
See the mud? That’s how you know how extreme I am…

Inspired to write a bit

I am lucky. I can afford a nice-ish bike that sits in the garage. I live amidst beautiful natural resources complete with bike trails with mud puddles for falling and nature for looking. Also, I am healthy enough and am able to get out and tool around trails that throw me into puddles.

Did I mention I fell a few times…

I started looking for a nonprofit that supports biking, enter Peace of Adventure

I wanted to find an organization helping people who maybe aren’t quite as lucky. It wasn’t hard, but it did take me a second to pick one that I like – Beyond the scope of an NPO’s mission, I like to find nonprofits that record somewhere around 100k-200k in revenue. This tells me they are legit, would still appreciate smaller donations and large corporate grants may be out of reach. I am going to write an article explaining what I mean at some point. (hopefully, I remember to link it here)

The organization I found was Peace of Adventure. Get this, they train veterans to help disabled folks get outside and enjoy things like biking, hiking, climbing through adaptive sports. There are a few locations around the US, it seems they offer different activities relevant to geography.

Backpacking and adaptive biking in Colorado/Utah, sailing in California or North Carolina – they are allowing people to enjoy the outdoors who may otherwise never get the chance. It’s a good program, and I encourage you to take a look.

Okay – my bikers high is wearing off, and an need more coffee, but check out Peace of Adventure, maybe throw them a few bucks. They are helping military veterans gain new purpose by training them to guide disabled people on cool adventures. I mean, say that out loud and consider your life, how lucky you are and try not to at least follow them on Instagram.

A blog that helps nonprofits

So this blog is becoming a bit of a hobby – I wanted an outlet to write my thoughts, get a little better at the writing process, and maybe help out some nonprofits through my journey. I don’t get paid, and don’t expect to get paid by any of the nonprofit organizations I write about.

I try to write a few times a week – please like, follow, snap or whatever verb best describes your social of choice.

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